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Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo License Training

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The primary purpose of this PMU License Training course is to develop individuals for entry-level competency in permanent cosmetic tattooing. We will empower new and existing participants in the permanent cosmetics industry with the best methodologies in continuing and quality education and training to our students by giving them the tools and resources to

be successful in the basic skills, judgment, and desirable attitudes necessary to obtain licensure.


This is a 200-hour course designed to train students to become licensed Permanent Cosmetic Tattooer. This PMU course will emphasize the development of knowledge, theory and behavioral traits grouped together with ethics, standards, principles of safety and Blood Borne Pathogen is also studied. Students will also learn color theory with pigments used in permanent makeup, safety, and sanitation as well as practical’s providing experience with professional results and customer service development.


Upon completion students will receive a certificate of completion outlined in the objective. This certificate will qualify students to proceed to take the VA state board exam (approved by DPOR) to become a Licensed Permanent Cosmetic Tattooer. Licensure must be renewed every two years and a fee is required to renew. The tuition is based on cost of the course and not credit hours. 

This is a 14-Week Course (200-hours) @ $8,500.00

We offer Payment Plan Options.

To get started, follow these steps in order (Use Buttons below):

  • Complete the 1. Application for Admission: $100 Non Refundable Fee Required.

  • Next, 2. Register for Course (must be deposit ready).

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